What is Amandla Forum?

Amandla Forum 2019 will be held in Cambridge, United Kingdom and will feature leading global thinkers in the field of online and mobile communication. The Forum will attract business and government leaders, as well as international organizations and NGOs and will galvanize interest in the remarkable development of the city as a global hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, with emphasis on sharing lessons and connecting North/South communities for sustainable development.

In addition to thought-provoking plenary sessions and keynote speeches, participants get hands-on professional training by leading thinkers on topics such as digital outreach and brand transformation.

Who typically attends?

One of the great selling points about Amandla is that it is a Forum that has a very eclectic mix of attendees who typically do not congregate together, yet share similar interests. They include CEOS, government communications officers, corporate communications managers, UN agencies, NGO leaders and communications officers, marketing managers, HR training managers, entrepreneurs, creative activists, advertisement professionals, journalists, academics and students.

Why should I attend this Forum?

Amandla Forum offers a unique opportunity for you to learn about state-of-the-art developments in digital engagement and attracts leading thinkers from around the world, and to network and engage with over 300 participants from around the world. Please see the section here that outlines four reasons this Forum offers great value:

Where is the Amandla Forum 2019 organized?

In Cambridge, the United Kingdom at the Corn Exchange in city centre. For details, please see the Venu section here.

How can I get Cambridge from London?

Train: Cambridge has a fast train service to and from London Kings’ Cross, which is adjacent to St Pancras for Eurostar connections. The journey takes approximately 45 minutes and several fast trains depart each hour, to check exact arrival and departure times please visit National Rail

Air (& bus): London Stansted is situated 30 miles south of Cambridge and offers a number of routes to and from Europe and other UK destinations. Direct routes to Cambridge by National Express bus services and trains are available and taxis are plentiful. London Gatwick, London Heathrow and London Luton are all within 1-2 hours drive of Cambridge and accessible by public transport via connecting bus and train services in London.

Car: For delegates that prefer to drive, Cambridge offers a number of Park & Ride sites on the outskirts of the City and journey times into the centre take just a few minutes. If overnight parking is required for your delegates we can offer group rates for central parking locations, Cambridge City Council can offer more information on this service.

Cambridge City Council is the best resource for the most up-to-date information regarding traveling to, around and access to Cambridge. Here you’ll find information about road closures, buses, trains, taxis etc:

What does my ticket cover?

It covers access to all plenary sessions, 3 workshops that you choose through the online system in advance, 2 lunches and coffee breaks, as well as access to the gala dinner and reception. We are also working on organizing a complimentary city tour for those who are interested.

How many training sessions can I attend?

Since the sessions are organized simultaneously, you can choose three sessions out of four. You also have access to all plenary sessions.

Can I get a refund?

You can get a full refund if you cancel within two weeks of purchase and maximum of 70 days before the conference. After that point it would be difficult for us to refund you, as we would have already incurred substantial costs to cover your booking.

Do you provide help with getting the visitor visa?

No, we do not. You are fully responsible for your visa and accommodation whilst in Cambridge. Please make sure to apply well in advance of the visa. You can let the visa office know the purpose of your visit is to attend the Forum. But we bear no responsibility whatsoever for your visa or access to the UK.